Reduce churn & increase usage

The #1 reason for churn is feature misalignment...

Customers will only wait for so long for the features they want!

Anyone working on a customer-facing product knows the feeling when that Slack "partner" channel lights up and a customer asks when that requested feature will be ready... You know, the one the team committed to in Q1, to be ready by Q3, and it's already Q4...

It happens all the time! At first, your product does everything customers want. Then, usage grows and they realize, "this could be really helpful for that other workflow we have too..." The customer files a feature request, the sales team negotiates a new rate, and commitments are made to deliver. First the engineering team needs to update a few database schemas, then they realize some automations need fixing, then test coverage is lacking and bugs are introduced, and suddenly the PM has to push that delivery date back by a month. And then another, and then another.

Meanwhile, the customer is patient and they love your product, but that Slack channel keeps lighting up... "it's been a couple weeks and we haven't heard from you, any updates?"... mild panic intensifies! This customer is a big logo, and they're on the website with a testimonial, you can't afford to lose them. Then finally, the email comes:

"Re: cancellation - export data to Salesforce?"

Empowerment Through Customization

When customers realize they can tailor your product to fit their unique workflows and needs through plugins, the value proposition of your SaaS offering skyrockets. Instead of waiting for the next update or feature release, customers can take immediate action to solve their problems, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership. This immediate problem-solving capability drastically reduces the likelihood of churn, as customers are less likely to abandon a product that they can continuously mold to their evolving needs.

Accelerating Innovation with Community Contributions

A plugin system encourages the development of a community where users, developers, and third-party vendors contribute new plugins that extend the functionality of your product. This creates a vibrant ecosystem around your SaaS platform, where innovation thrives and customers regularly discover new ways to use your product. As the ecosystem grows, so does the stickiness of your product—customers become more invested in your platform, which becomes an integral part of their operational infrastructure.

Direct Feedback Loop for Product Development

Implementing a plugin system provides invaluable insights into the features and integrations your customers need the most. By analyzing the most popular plugins and understanding their use cases, you can prioritize native feature development more effectively. This insight-driven approach to product development ensures that your roadmap aligns closely with customer needs, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of churn due to unmet demands.

Reducing Time to Value

The agility offered by a plugin system significantly reduces the time to value for your customers. Instead of waiting for quarterly updates or feature releases, customers can immediately address their needs through plugins. This rapid satisfaction leads to increased usage, as customers are more likely to integrate your product deeper into their daily operations when they know it can adapt quickly to their requirements.

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Finally, a plugin system strengthens customer loyalty by demonstrating your commitment to meeting their needs. When customers see that you provide the tools for them to customize and extend the product, it reinforces their decision to choose your solution over competitors. This loyalty becomes a powerful asset in your business strategy, as satisfied customers are more likely to provide referrals, testimonials, and engage in case studies, further fueling your growth.

Leverage next-gen technology

Use XTP’s powerful plugin execution engine to easily and securely run customer code, directly within your application. Let us handle the storage, validation, distribution and monitoring all while presenting a top-notch experience for plugin developers.

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