Reclaim control of your roadmap

Innovation vs. accommodation: why not both?

You can't build the future by sacrificing the vision.

It used to be that you laid out the plan for what you were building - you had full control. Product ideas flowed through you and new things shipped fast. Your ambitious features made tech news headlines and you were blazing new product territory. These were good times, and customers lined up to experience your novel new ideas! With all of this attention, you start to get requests for features from a few customers - some big, some small - but these are not the things you want to work on... Unfortunately, money talks, and when it comes down to it, you need to answer to your customers.

So, onto the roadmap these feature requests go... starting with just a couple, and then a dozen, and suddenly you're spending more time managing and prioritizing feature requests then you are thinking about the vision for your product! You even had to buy a new product to help you with all of this roadmap management. What happened?!

Maintaining Strategic Focus

By offloading specific feature requests to a plugin architecture, your team is freed up to concentrate on the strategic vision of the product. This means more resources dedicated to groundbreaking features, research and development, and exploring new technological frontiers. Your product remains at the cutting edge, and your company continues to be recognized as a leader in innovation, without being bogged down by the minutiae of endless custom feature requests.

Empowering Customer-Led Customization

With a plugin system, you can shift the burden of niche feature requests from your core product team to the customers themselves or third-party developers. This approach allows your customers to tailor the product to their specific needs without cluttering your roadmap with features that only serve a small segment of your user base. It's a win-win situation; your team focuses on broad, impactful innovations, while your users enjoy a product that feels personalized to their needs.

Enhancing Product Scalability

A plugin system inherently makes your product more scalable. As your platform grows, the needs of your user base will become increasingly diverse. A plugin system allows your product to scale to meet these diverse needs without requiring a complete overhaul or continuous, resource-intensive custom development. This scalability is crucial for maintaining a lean operation that can adapt and respond to market demands quickly.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

When the development team is not constantly bogged down by the pressure of rolling out minor feature updates and customizations, they have more freedom to innovate. This shift in focus from routine tasks to groundbreaking projects reinvigorates the team's spirit.

A culture of innovation begins to flourish when team members can spend their time exploring new technologies, prototyping innovative ideas, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. This not only leads to more significant advancements for your product but also enhances job satisfaction and team morale.

Leverage next-gen technology

Use XTP’s powerful plugin execution engine to easily and securely run customer code, directly within your application. Let us handle the storage, validation, distribution and monitoring all while presenting a top-notch experience for plugin developers.

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